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Optics made-to-order

We are able to produce to-order in small or big series, according to the wish of a client, following optical elements:

  • Plus and minus lenses up to the diameter of 300 mm
  • Prisms – different types and sizes
  • Plan-parallel plates
  • Heat inspection sight glasses into ovens and chambers, also for measuring in the   UV, VIS and IF regions
  • Mirrors also of big diameters
  • Cover and key glasses – into devices (measuring devices, manometers, aircraft apparatuses, etc.)
  • Toric lenses
  • Lenticular lenses
  • Aspheric lenses
  • Glass filters
  • Glass measuring cells

All optical elements can be made of optical, quartz, filter glass or of quartz. We apply also antireflective and mirror layers. 

We produce various optical elements to-order, in compliance with your delivered technical documentation (drawings) or with delivered sample.

If necessary, we make repairs of optical elements (scratches, chips breaks and other defects).

We can cut and polish gift optic paperweights. We offer small cheap plastic lenses, mechanical parts for optical elements with a surface treatment (elox, comaxite, colour).