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Dioptra Turnov s.r.o.

Dioptra Turnov s.r.o. is an optic company that continues in the more than hundred years long tradition of optical production.  

It is oriented primarily on following main areas of production and sale:

  • Examination lights – with LED chip or halogen lighting, optional light intensity, chromaticity temperature, possible regulation of the light.  We produce the lights on swinging arms, single, double or triple, with position on the ceiling, wall or into a movable base.
  • Lights: for industry – lighting of machines, lighting to microscopes, in offices.  Design with LED chip or halogen lighting, on a pantograph or flexible tube, fixture into a metal table clamp or a portable base.
  • Special stand magnifiers – we produce typical stand magnifiers, special magnifiers for patients with eye defect. We offer magnifiers with aplanatic lenses that due to their construction do not distort the observed object in the whole periphery and so they minimize the fatigue of eyes and increase the performance of the
  • employees. From that reason those magnifiers are demanded in the production companies for checking of various parts. The part of these stand  magnifiers is LED chip lighting that has life service of 50.000 hours, at least, and is demanded  because it does not radiate heat.
  • Hand magnifiers – we offer a wide assortment with lens diameters from 5 mm up to 130 mm, with magnifying power of 1.5 up to 21.00. We produce magnifiers for daily use and also special magnifiers that can be used in industrial premises.
  • Colposcops - lighting according to instructions of the client.
  • Adapters for cameras – according to instructions of the client.
  • Reflectors – for screening of a chosen picture. They find application in big production halls and stocks as well as e.g. decoration at a family party.
  • Stands – large spectrum of use due to their stability and mobility.
  • Cutting of lenses – we make flat, radius cutting in small and large series. Regularly we work aspheric lenses for car industry in the quantity of almost 700  thousands of pieces a year.
  • Production of the industry optics.Production of precise optics – we produce for large as well as small companies. We are able to produce series in ten thousands of pieces and single pieces as   well, according to the wish  of the customer.
  • Prisms – for photovoltaic plants, in devices for directing of the ray of light, in small as well as in large series.
  • Covering  glasses.
  • Hardening of cover  and matted glasses.
  • Antireflective layers – we spread them on classic glasses lenses and also on lenses into different devices and apparatuses, up to the diameter of 82 mm. The lenses can have atypical shape. Antireflective layers can be in blue, green and gold colours. Further we made antireflective layers on sapphire watch glasses.
  • Mirror layers.
  • Colouring of  plastic lenses.
  • Orthooptic apparatuses – we are engaged in the development and production of these devices. At present we offer two our devices on the market –  stereoscope and cheiroscope. We developed them in cooperation with experts in the branch of orthooptics.
  • Possibility to use the tool making workshop.

We are able, according to our possibilities and wish of the customer, to produce anything in the connection with optics and lighting. We have many satisfied  customers who regularly come with new orders again. We try to comply with our customers thanks to our quality and speed of the production, as well as with our     prices.